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08 November 2011

Taken Biodata (OMG I did it again)

A lot of rookie this year isn't it... I thought after MIB i just want to listen to rookie's song without knowing them...but damn!!! i can't stop my keep clicking the link and tadda!!! now i'm stuck with this.... I think i suppose to know about MYNAME or maybe TOUCH or AA...but what happen is i didn't know them yet...i will go and know them after this...coz right now...TAKEN already grab my attention...lalalalala....

So i found their information from 6Theory

Did u guys know them already?? Kinda dangerous for me coz there are about 3 member who is 91's...OMG...dis line is dangerous...kekeke... (coz most of my bias are from 91's)

So lets get to know them.....'s the leader...he has a big eyes KARAM..and maybe like JAEJOONG a little bit...nice skin...jealous..kekekeke....currently i like him..but i think when i know other member i will change my bias...dat's happen when i watch their show maybe later??keke

stage name: (성원) Sungwon
full name: 성창용 (Seong Chang Yong)
DOB: 5 april 1989
height: 177/178cm
skills: beatboxing
hobbies: cooking, piano
blood type: O
- TAKEN leader
- can speak some japanese

Next is this man.....still don't have any impression about him... we will see later
stage name: 태혁 (Taehyuk)
full name: 곽태혁 (Kwak Tae Hyuk)
DOB: 5 march 1991
height: 178cm
skills: dance
hobbies: swimming
blood type: A
- studying at Myongji University Department of Spatial Design

Daon..another Minhyuk after CN BLUE n BLOCK B...hoho....that's why he didn't use his name?? it's okie...i will remember ur name...he looks cute right..let's see later...

stage name: 다온 (Daon)
full name: 김민혁 (Kim Min Hyuk)
DOB: 11 april 1992
height: 178cm
skills: acting, gaming
hobbies: watching movies

Seungyul....attracted with his hair....
stage name: 승열 (Seungyul)
full name: 박승열 (Park Seung Yul)
DOB: 8 april 1991
height: 180cm
skills: running (athletics)
hobbies: listening to music
blood type: A

Ujun..may i asks what is the meaning of this name??? his eyes...
stage name: 유준 (Ujun)
full name: 김태식 (Kim Tae Shik)
DOB: 27 february 1991
height: 174cm
skills: voice impressions
hobbies: listening to music
blood type: A

Geonwoo...maknae..will i like this maknae??? will?? lets see

stage name: 건우 (Geonwoo)
full name: 김건우 (Kim Geon Woo)
DOB: 24 june 1994
height: 183cm
skills: rap, lyric writing
hobbies: listening to music
blood type: A
- born in france (but can't speak French)
- can speak english
- studying at Hallim Entertainment Arts High School

So that's it..let see them in the future...whether i will stick with them or not... ^^


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