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25 October 2011

Most Incredible Busters(M.I.B)-Biodata and story about how i end up like them

Huk Huk Huk... I search like crazy to find some info about them... fuhh.... (WHO??)

Allkpop's link about their debut mv appear on my twitter timeline yesterday...Don't know what happen with me and i automatically click the link and start buffer their music video while read info about them...

I was like...why did his stage name is CREAM??SIMS??? But then i ignore it and start watch their mv... have u watch their MV?? Here...


It's a great MV right?? I like it...I mean their music match with style..

And then i found that they already release their solo single before this mv...Don't know why i don't even know about it before this...(Either i was too busy with my study or i forget or ignore their news before this...) So i start click their solo music video...

Start with this music video...

5Zic (M.I.B) - Beautiful Day

So what do you think?? my first impression...WOW his that suppose to happen?? hahaha...whatever...that's my first his song and its stuck in my head till this morning...

After that i watch this mv....

Cream (M.I.B) -Do U Like Me

And again....the same thing happen to me... His song also stuck in my head...Since i couldn't find the lyrics so i cannot put which part that stuck in my head...hihi....sorry...will post it later...

After 5zic and Cream i watch this mv...

Kang Nam (M.I.B) - Say My Name [MV]

My first impression.... Why he didn't looks like korean??? Why he looks like japanese or mix in my eyes??? But since i can't find any info about them last night so i keep watching his mv...I like his voice..and his looks... But i still said that he didn't looks like korean until i finish watch it...
And even said it again this evening when i watch his mv again before found information about them... What do you think???

Lastly i watch this mv....
SIMS (M.I.B) - Hands Up (MV)

My first impression... Another Hands Up?? but never just a title...i'm cool with it... so i start watch his mv..damn his's great...wish i can watch it live soon... I mean live in front of my eyes... ^^

That's the i end up watch their mv and maybe start like their music...
I keep saying to my friends that i must find info about least i need to know their real name and age..keep thinking about it since this morning...

But what make me angry is whenever i type "Most Incredible Busters" Google will show me something unrelated with them... totally pissed off with it... and lucky me when i found this blog.... Thank you so much for the owner coz at last i manage to found their Official Thread... yeah i'm worst with this...haksss....But at least i already found it...

What make me laugh is that i thought Kang Nam is the maknae and SIMS is the older member in M.I.B...but well the truth is vice versa... So i end up laughing like crazy in my room this evening... And when i look at Kang Nam biodata i'll laugh again when i realize that it's true he is not korean but japanese!! Hit my forehead... "That's why he doesn't looks like korean stupid...dush2..."

So here i want to share their Biodata... So it will be easy for us to know them... ^^ Coz i still can't find or recap my own picture(I'll try to recap but failed...but will do it later...) i will use their picture that i found...will credit this picture... ^^


Name: Kim Han Gil
Date of Birth: 26th July 1988
Role: Leader
Height: 178cm
Weight: 66kg
Blood Type: O
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon
Western Zodiac: Leo
Hobby: Listening to Music
Specialty: Writing Lyrics, Movement


Name: Kim Ki Suk
Date of Birth: 14th February 1990
Role: Rap
Height: 177cm
Weight: 64kg
Blood Type: AB
Chinese Zodiac: Rat
Western Zodiac: Aquarius
Hobby: Writing Lyrics, Listening to Music, Watching Movies
Specialty: Rap and beat-boxing


Name: Sim Jong Su
Date of Birth: 27th February 1991
Role: Rap
Height: 185
Weight: 75kg
Blood Type: A
Chinese Zodiac: Sheep
Western Zodiac: Pisces
Hobby: Writing Lyrics, Rapping, Watching Movies
Specialty: Rap and writing lyrics

Kang Nam

Name: Namekawa Yasuo
Date of Birth: 23rd March 1987
Role: Vocal
Height: 177cm
Weight: 64kg
Blood Type: A
Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit
Western Zodiac: Aeries
Hobby: Composing songs, snowboarding, exercising, watching movies and vocal exercises
Specialty: English, playing guitar & piano

Start from the left..that's 5Zic...then Kang Nam..then Sims and with that cool shade is Cream...

Cool M.I.B

Read some of the comment and some people call 5Zic Ahjussi...LOL..but i still like him...already choose him n of course Kang Nam as my bias...hahaha

So guys what do you think about them?? well i don't care if u guys want to like them or not...i already like their music..anticipated with their debut stage...GO GO GO...

p/s sorry for my bad grammar is worse isn't it?? haha...yeah just agree with it...and i don't know why i can get an A in SPM..hahaha...okie bye...



Eiqa Lyka said...

kamsahamnida sebb kenalkan kumpulan nie pada kite.. saranghae !

Afie said... probs la..g pun saya pn baru kenal diaorg ni... ^^


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