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26 August 2010

From hottest to 2PM

From Hottest to 2PM...

"I change the lyrics....So maybe we can sing it to our 2PM...really wish we, hottest can sing it...i'm not too good with lyrics...but yeah..i made it all by u guys think? should we change a little bit?? maybe someone who know korean can change it to hangul...and my wish..i wish we can record this song...from all hottest in this world...then we can send this song to them...our lovely boys 2PM...yeah..that's my let them know about us...."

This is for my 2PM

I don’t know how to tell you this

Word aren’t enough to express this

I couldn’t said anything

I was just so thankful

I didn’t know what to do


Why you come in my life

Out of the others

I fall in love with you


All I can do for you now

Aren’t enough

So I just want to keep loving you


So I thank you thank you thank you

And I love you love you love you

Coz coming in my life

Coz makes my life full with love

So I thank you thank you thank you

And I love you love you love you

Because I know u will love me too

So I can smile right here like this

I know that u will know

That I love you with all my heart

Without any change

My love and care is just for you


Why I can’t stop loving you

It was so hard for me

But I still can’t stop my heart


Don’t know what I should do

To cut if off

So I just want to keep loving you

Repeat *chorus

My heart that loving you

And tears that I spilled

It’s only one and only for you


HuDaChAn said...

NICE... TP BKN DA ADE UR WELCOME DPD HOTTEST ker? tawu x? unnie x tgk lg

ijabah said...

i lyke this~~ ;)


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