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30 April 2010

2PM wins #1 on M! Countdown for Without U

2PM wins #1 on M! Countdown for Without U

Athough MNET did not air a new live episode of M! Countdown on April 29th, scores were still tabulated for their weekly charts and we have a new winner this week!

Due to the state funeral for Cheonan victims today, MNET decided to do away with a live show and opted to show a highlight reel of comebacks between Rain, Lee Hyori and 2PM and it was no wonder that the trio occupied the top 3 places for the M! Countdown song ranking charts.

Having only just made their return last week, the 2PM boys captured their first trophy on M! Countdown for Without U, as they edged out Rain and Lee Hyori (last week’s winner) into second and third place respectively.

Yeah they got their 1st it so much!!!.....i will be a great present for them......

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